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hello everyone,
i just have purchased a hugger orange z28, and am in the middle of installing a system in it.
But, I have a problem, first of all i want everything hidden, and that means making a sub box for the spare tire well or on the dr side like the jl stealth box deal.
i think i have to gowith the second one since my amp will not fit anywhere but in the spare tire well

anyone out there attempted to build a enclousure?
i am about half way done but will not waste my time if im chasing something i cant catch

i am using the factory molded carpet for the back of the enclosure, since it will guarantee me all the space that is available as far as any nook and crany in there i can use, then proceed with 3/4 inch mdf for the rest unless i need certain other parts aout of glass

am i on the right track?

i also have some very very high end seperates from a home theater ystem that i had a chance to pick up from a friend but they are 8ohm speakers and i just wire them in series to get it back down to the 4hm rating?
if so how can i do the crossovers?

thank you in advance

i am not here so if you can just reply to my email i would reatly appreciate it thank you

[email protected]
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    hey dude...

    first off == dont use home theatre speakers in your car -- first they're not BUILT to hold up to the abuse of a weathered environment.

    second, you'd have to wire them in PARALLEL NOT SERIES... two 8 ohm parllel = 1 4 ohm.

    i really wouldn't use them.

    secondly == the spare tire well is the way to go -- www.sounddomain.com sells pre-fabricated 3/4 inch MDF boxes that fit directly into the spare tire well. -- if i'm not wrong they range from like 100 to 200 bucks. now that's a bit much considering 50 bucks of materials would allow you to build it yourself, but if i had to build a camaro box, i'd buy it instead of build it because the damn shape is odd.

    other than that, just be sure you DO NOT do the factory carpet backing thing. if you want a SEALED box, you have to build it sealed... which means you need to make the joints air tight and seal them with silicone caulk. By having the back wall of it integrated into the sheetmetal /carpet of the factory floor you're opening yourself up to a whole mess of problems... none of which are easy to deal with.

    you need to build that back wall out of mdf and make sure its screwed/sealed to the rest of the box just like every other wall.
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