LSi15 vs. RTi150

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Currently running RT16's as fronts, CS350LS as center, an old pair of S7's for rears with velo fsr-18 sub. Would like to move the RT16's to the rear and buy new pair of fronts. Considering the LSi15s (which I can't seem to audition near me) vs. RTi150s which I just heard over the weekend. Any opinions on voice matching these speakers iwth my CS350? Any opinions on which would provide a more enjoyable experience? Running speakers with a Denon AVR-3600dts. Thanks.
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    As far as mating with your current gear, my guess would be the RTi150's. Although, the RT16 / CS350LS front soundstage is pretty darn impressive. Makes my pants go crazy!!

    I would possibly consider leaving the front soundstage well enough alone and maybe pick up some new speaks (although I don't see anything 'wrong' with the current lineup) for rears.

    the LSi15's are probably a 'better' overall speaker but considering your other speakers and amplification, may not be the best match.

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
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