Happy with my complete setup! Finally..

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Ok i haven't posted a thread in ahwile for my own gear and here it is, I got a psw404 for X-mas via an upgrade and CC gift card gift from the In-laws and now my HT setup is complete for awhile......
I have messed with it for a week almost i guess and tuned it up and seems to work great and seemless sound throughout. I now can't tell where the bass is coming from, sounds kinda like it comes from the front left main and the sub is located beside the front right main, or was it over there, LOL i am happy at long last. they all sound great first then they also match in looks as well, i love the new sub sound and looks. Guys if you have this sub and it sounds boomy, adjust adjust adjust, it will sound better, I like it and it blends great, watched the new stewart little 2 with my wife and daughter and it sounds great!! Those kiddie movies have great sound effects, and its mastered in THX. Look over my profile and see what ya think, it only lacks my surround back that i had previous, what rear center should i use???? was thinking just the CSI20 so it would be small enough. well at long last its all over time to start saving for the new SUV after TAX return time i hope i'f we can recover from X-mas and medical bills, LOL Thanks for all the help on here and the spl meter has done wonders for my setup. my wife still says, wow it just sounds better. surrounds not to low like before just all around sound (surround sound) like it should be, I will attach a pic of the new sub and my lighted cd rack, via me wireing rope lights around it, hehe!! Thanks everyone
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    faster100, good work man.. i agree.. SPL meters do help your system out. I know it did when i got mine. my speakers were off a little bit.. the meter gives you a more seamless sound field all around.
    congrats on the new sub. i've been drooling over that one too.
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