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Hey guys,

Brought my old Pioneer SX-450 up from the basement and hooked it up to my Polk 5jr and Micro Acoustics 3dx speakers. Man, that thing makes them sing. I can't believe the 15WPC RMS rating... I swear it sounds better than my JVC 100WPC RMS big-**** amp. I finally have sound I can feel coming out of this system. Anyone else use an older Pioneer amp for their 2ch rig?

I wish they still made 'em like this...

(Note- this is not the amp I have... this is the amp I wish I had :-))
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  • nadamsnadams Posts: 5,874
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    One problem w/ my Pioneer- it's got a POWERFUL power-on thump. The speakers actually stay extended for a time on initial power-on. Anyone else have this problem? Oh, plus I think one of my caps is going because it takes a while to get warmed up. I get a lot of static for a while and the front panel lights flicker a lot, then it'll just stop doing it suddenly and be fine. Oh well, it's prolly been used pretty hard in the past :rolleyes:
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    I used to have a pioneer intergrated amp and tuner from 1980 and it kicked ****! sold it to a guy from work a couple of years ago and is still kicken to this day.


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    In your house or his?
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    Good one gidrah.

    I'm sure joe knows all about kicken, real close to chicken. Oh, I'm sorry joe, you meant kicking, real close to dicking. Something else you know a lot about.
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    That old gear still rocks! Have a Kenwood KR-9600 Receiver (160 wpc) that I use in my excercise room - still sounds great!
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    I've got a Pioneer SA-8100 Integrated Amp and a TX-7100 Tuner downstairs in my workshop. Bought 'em in the mid '70s and have never had a problem with either one. That tuner can pick up more radio stations clearer than either one of my Denons.
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    I still have a Pioneer SX-3800 that I bought in 79 I think. 65 wpc, built like a tank and like GZ said they had great tuners that I have not been able to get close to on anything since. This was not high end but it was a good sounding receiver. I used it until 93 when I bought a prologic receiver to get surround sound. I let my dad use it for his home system. I got to listen to it on Christmas day when I went to his house and it is still working as perfect as the day it was new and it still sounds pretty good (his speakers are definitely a weak link) . Here is a picture I took. someday when my dad can't use it anymore I would like to bring it home and hook it up to my Advents for that nostalgic sound and then see how it mates with some of my newer stuff like SACD and better DACs than I had back then.
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    i think pioneer and jvc were like really good back then, my dad has a 1975 JVC 2 channel amp, runs like new
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    Pioneer is a good company. They kept the laserdisc video system going and made a good name for themselves. They were the one of the best projection tv makers for me as well. Many people like their current top of the line DVD player.
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