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hello all,

anybody have any ideas on center channel placement??? right now my LSI center sits on top of the TV and it is about 18 higher than it should be for proper imaging. I do have to say that the LSI works better in this situation than anything I have every heard, but I am never satisfied.
My living room is fairly small and I don't have room under the TV or anywhere else. No room for a speaker stand either, besides if I spend another dollar on anything to do with the stereo my wife will kill me.
Any Suggestions??? Thanks!!!

TV: Sony Wega 32' Flat
Mains: LSI9
Center: LSIC
Surrounds and Rears: RTi28
Amp: HK 525

Denon 2106(pre/pro)
Adcom 5503(200x3)

Audioquest Diamondback ICS
Kimber Kable 8tc biwire(mains and center)

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    Have you tried to angle it so it fires more downward? Some people place CD jewel cases under the rear feet. To prevent your center from possibly slipping you could try those rubber door stoppers available at any hardware store. They provide good traction and the more you slide them under your LSiC the greater the angle. And they're cheep and small enough so you can sneak them into da house without you wife even noticing.
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    Nellis - besides the doorstops mentioned by GZ (which work quite well) my unconventional method for angling my center downward is a mousepad(s) :lol:
    I cut it into apx. 4 equal "slices" w/a razor and stack them up. (you can remove the cloth or whatever side,by peeling it off if you want) and slide the stack under the center.
    If needed--you can ask someone to add/remove a "slice" while you're in the sweet spot or taking readings w/your spl-and alter the angle to your liking.
    That's just me though :rolleyes: hope this helps.

    CHEERS ! jefff
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    I'd put it in the center. :lol:
  • MxStYlEpOlKmAnMxStYlEpOlKmAn Posts: 2,116
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    the cd jewl case method was from me :D, might I add it angeled it enough - and my center is also around 18 inches higher than it should. The treble calmed down - the imaging also was el of alot better! (i have the cs245i).
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    I used rubber foam to angle the speaker and it works great. To find the sweet spot I used a laser-level I used to remodel my kitchen.
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