2 MM10's with a 1000.2 RF Sub

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Does anyone know if a 1000.2 RockFord Fosgate amp would be the right amp to power two Polk Audio MM10's ??? The sub would be 500 W X 2 @ 2 Ohms RMS @ 1% THD and i believe everyone knows the specs on the MM10's... I need help deperately... Thanks again.
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    well.. 500 x 2 at 2 ohms right? well the momo's are 4 ohm drivers, therefore u'll only get like 300 - 340 x 2 at 4 ohms.. which is not quite enough i do not believe. (they're 500 w subs -- the 12's can take as much as 600+ if you watch what kind of music you play on them, some good techno and house will let u push that wattage envelope).

    anywho, even if you bridge that 1000.2 you're only going to get 1000 x 1 at 4 ohms, and two momo's in parallel is 2 ohms so u'll burn up the amp.

    If you're a rockford fan, i suggest the BD 1000.1 (1000 x 1 at 13.8 volts and 2 ohms...) so u can get a nice 500 to each sub off that if u run them parallel.

    the mtx 81000d is a nicer amp, same price range --- autotek stealth series is very tight --- zapco if you're made of money.

    one line ive seen a bit of lately that i like is alphasonic -- really nice lookin amps.
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    Another thing you can do to power thoes subs (and if you've got the money) is to go with Audiobahn. I'm kinda an Audiobahn freak and they have an amp that is perfect for driving two MM10's. I'll attach the specs with this post but if you wire them in paralle @ 2 ohms you will get 600w to each sub. This is 200w above the rms and 200w below the max. It isn't too bad and you won't run near as hot as that Rockford will. Anyway just check it out. I am working on getting mine and I expect to be quite pleased with it.
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    my rockford fosgate bd1000.1 pushed my mm120s great
    each amp is individually tested at rf and the power on mine came to 1236 so 600 to each sub
    but to tell you the truth now that i spent the money already i would have rather gone with 2 amps
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