Will CSi40 or CSi30 match my RTA 11T's?

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Hi folks, a question from a newbie:

The FAQ's recommend a CS400i as a match to my RTA 11T's, but I've been having trouble finding one. Is either the CSi40 or CSi30 a good match?

I'm trying to build off my 11T's, so I don't have to spend major bucks starting from the ground up.


P.S. Don't know if it matters, environment is large family room w/ cathedral ceiling, system powered by a Pioneer Elite VSX-41.
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    I have RTA 15TL's for my mains and am using a CS350 and a
    CS400 in parallel as my center channels. These older versions have the trilam tweeter which is a seamless match for the
    SL3000 in the 15's. I believe that the 11's have the same tweeter. The CS40i I believe has the new silk tweeter which I
    am unsure. My advice would be to find a CS350 or CS400
    in good used order to insure a good match. I love my 15's and I'm sure the 11's aren't much different. A great speaker to build around. I run HT and have no need for a subwoofer.
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