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I have a Onkyo TX-SR 800, the sub out is filtered. I have the sub connected to the left and right speaker level outputs of the receiver , and the left and right front speakers connected to the sub through its speaker level output jacks, per Option #1 in the 650's manual. I also connected the subs LFE jack to the receivers sub out jack with a RCA cable, per the "connecting LFE with option #1 and #2" section in the 650's manual.
In the receivers set up menu I have all the speakers set to small, the sub is on, and the crossover is set to 80Hz.
Is that the correct settings and hookup? The only reason I ask is that when I watch a movie everything sounds great (but since this is my first system I have nothing to compare it to).I can both hear and feel the sub through out the movies. If I run the tone adjustment for all the speakers is the receivers setup menu all the speakers including the sub have the same volume.
But, If I run one of the THX test that come on certain DVD's (Monsters Inc. in this case), it plays through all the speakers at the same volume except for the sub, which is very low in volume. I pretty much have to put my ear a few inches from the sub to hear it.
One last question, Is there any difference or advantage in the way I have it hooked up above, compared to having the front left and right speakers hooked directly to the receiver and using the front left and right preamp outputs for the sub using RCA cables, per option #2? Or would it be better to just use one RCA wire to hook the sub out from the receiver to the LFE in on the subwoofer without any other connections between the two?
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    If you are using the LFE, then you don't need to use the speaker level in's and out's on the sub. If you want to continue to use the speaker-level instead of the LFE, then change the left and right front speakers to large.

    Hope that helps!
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    If just hooking up the one rca wire from the sub out on the receiver to the lfe in on the sub is the best option, why does the manual recommend also hooking up the sub through the front left and right speaker lever outs or the front left and right preamp outs , is there any advantage either way.

    Thanks Again