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I was reading a post where someone indicated that the LSiC produced an odd effect where voices only came out the woofer on one side of the speaker due to the setup of the internal crossover. I've enjoyed my CS400i and the fact that sounds are evenly dispersed between the two woofers. I'm thinking of upgrading to an all LSi setup but am concerned about what was mentioned in the previous post I read. Would it be any better to take an LSi9 and use it horizontally in the center rather than the LSiC? It seems from reading the specs that it may have the same internal crossover structure and may therefore suffer the same problem. Any help/feedback is greatly appreciated.


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    I've got a full set of Lsi's and can tell you that I've never heard the effect you are describing. I would venture to guess that this effect would exist if you used an Lsi9 due to the crossover. Try sending an email to Polk customer service at the link on the top of this page and ask them.
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    Because the woofers are far apart on the LSiC and I'm only 9' from the speaker the voices were slightly offset to the right. I centered it by moving the speaker slightly left of center on my RPTV.
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    Dan, it's not a 'problem' - it's a (good) part of the design. The LSiC and LSi9 are a 2 and 1/2 way speaker. Meaning that the top driver is used more for mids, and the bottom driver is used mostly for mid-bass and bass. It's a GOOD design, and it's not noticable in any way that you might think.

    The LSi9 and LSiC are simmilar in design and this is going to be the case with both speakers, and most of the LSi line.
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    The LSiC has been fixed. If you have the wavey problem, call Ken at Polk and he'll hook you up with a new crossover.

    The 9s aren't sheilded well enough for on top of a TV.
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    The cs400i is similiar in design.It's not noticable.The LSI center is designed for that purpose.Being a center channel.
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    Hey Dan ...Just got the LsiC, wanted to see if I would like the sound of them soooo much more than my RtI's before I plunked down a whole lot of money for the whole system...I can't believe the difference.......the whole center area blends in with the mains extremely well, the whole system has come alive from sounding flat....My understanding from all the literature is that the LsiC is " supposed to" have a wider horizontal dispersion pattern than the Lsi9. After the home setup audition...I would tend to agree with that.
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    Dan, Go ahead and get the LSi set up. Yes the drivers are crossed over differently from each other and yes when you put your ear up close to the LSiC you can tell the difference but when heard from a distance they are suppsoed to be heard from you can't tell the difference.
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