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Well, all I wanted to do was to buy some new main speakers for my system just in time for the release of Lord Of the rings and I ended up buying 7 speakers.

Here's what I had:

2 Criterion floor stand speakers(main A)
2 Pioneer Florr standing speakes(main B)
Sony Str-De845 receiver

Here's what I got:
Mains: 1 Pair of Polk Sda-Crs speakers, AudioQuest Type 4+ cables
Rear: 1 Pair of Polk Monitor 5's, AudioQuest Type 2+ cables
Center: 1 Polk Sda-Crs+ speaker, AudioQuest Type 6 cable
Sub: 1 PSW50, cable I borrowed from madmax001( must be good)

I still using the Sony receiver; it provides 100 watts X 5. Sub is 100 watts. The rear cables we easy to install, but the fronts and center were a pain to strip and connect. I am using bare wire on all speakers. I tried also to put a magnet on the back of the driver for the center speaker to cancel out the magnetic field so it doesnt interfere with the tv. But that didnt work to well, so I have a 2X6 piece of wood of the top of the tv with a 2'X2' 1/4'' thick piece of iron plate on top of that. No problems after it was installed.
Will probably upgrade the interconnect on the sub to a shorter cable(its about 18 feet now, I only need 5 feet)

The sound:WOW :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I haven't watched much but that will probably change this weekend. I mostly use the sytem for home theater, but may be using it to listen to cds or DVD-audio.

Total Cost of speakers, cables and shipping: $993
Total Cost of Lord Of the Rings: $24.99
All this to watch a $25 dvd: Priceless

I must be nuts!

Thanks to Madmax001 for advice and cables and demo.
Thanks to Polk for making speakers( 17 years ago) and by providing replacement drivers.(17 years later).
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    Welcome to the world of SDA's, you'll be wearing one of these :D alot!
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