need sub for RM6600

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Just bought the RM6600 system without a sub from Circuit City. I can't decide which sub to buy. PSW303?, PSW350? or maybe even the PSW202? Haven't been abel to listen to the PSW303 yet. Anyone conduct a side by side listening test? I have an Onkyo SR600 receiver in a room that is 12 x 20 feet.
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    Hello, take the RM6600 back to Circuit City!!! And, then go to and buy the RM6600 from them and you get the PSW202 for "FREE"

    Just my 2 cents,

  • spydermanspyderman Banned Posts: 678
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    Go one step further... Use the credit Crutchfield gives towards the PSW303, it's way better than the 202...

    Hey Botany, how are the Rti70's and RM7600's doin'? Any reviews yet???

    RTi70 Fronts
    CSi40 Center
    RTi38 Rear
    PSW650 Sub
    Str-de1075 Receiver

    Hope is on the way!


  • venture22venture22 Posts: 2
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    appreciate the advice, but I had to use some gift certificates at Circuit City. My real question is, should I get the PSW303 or the PSW350. I haven't found anyplace to listen to them side by side.
  • fireshoesfireshoes Posts: 3,212
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    You mean CC isn't offering that promo?? Craziness. There isn't one here in Des Moines yet.

    I like the PSW303 better than the 350 because it has much less port noise. However if you got an extra hundy, I'd much prefer the PSW404. It pounds.
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    Circuit City is now offering the PSW202 free (w polk speaker purchase over $400), or towards upgrade to another Polk sub. Crutchfield is the route I went though (also offer upgrade, $3 shipping right now).

    I listened to the 202 and 303 side by side, and went 303. The 303 sounded more solid, less "tinny" to me, and I have a large room.

    I did not hear the 350 so can't help you there.
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