Thank you for all your help !!!

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Hello all, I am posting here for this is were I came to get help with my system. Here the list of equipment so far:

Harman Kardon AVR 520 Receiver
Harman Kardon PA 4000 Amplifier
Polk Rti70 Front Speaker
Polk RM7600 Speakers (useing them for the rear and rear sides and center)
Polk PSW 650 subwoofer (used with the front speakers)
Polk PSW 202 Subwoofer (used with the rear speakers)

Furture speakers:
Polk LSifx or LSi50 (for the rears)
Polk CSi40 (center)

I must be honest this sound system "ROCKS THIS HOUSE" I love the sound I get from these speakers. I had "Saving Private Ryan" on DVD and now I know what they mean when they say war is hell. The beach landing was very powerful. My sub's really got a work out with that move. I also used Face/Off in the DVD player man that a great move.

I just want to thank all the people here at Polk's forum for all their help.

Botany :cool: :cool: :cool: :):) :cool: ;);)
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    Ya, Glad to help. Heeeee! Heeeeee!
    Nice little system. Nice to hear that you are enjoying the joys of HT. Faceoff was a very cool movie. Tryout Conair also if you haven't yet. Later!!!:)
    PS3 and HD Front Projection, life is good. Too bad Blu-Ray and the PS3 are already obsolete.....:rolleyes:
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    War movies are awesome. Go get U-571, Black Hawk Down, and Behind Enemy Lines.
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