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Ok, I've recovered financially from purchasing the Lsi9's and Lsi Center and now it's time to upgrade my surrounds. Answer to the first question without asking is no I can't afford the LSiFX surrounds without getting stabbed by my fiance'. She doesn't understand men and their toys. My budget is $400 and I want a bipole/dipole set up but with two midbass drivers & two tweeters on each speaker. I want to stay with Polk but I don't think they have what I want. Infinity has the Alpha 25ES and Definitive Tech has one. Any ideas? I'll be making a purchase this month.
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    Your not going to like my answer but here goes.....Buy the LsiFX....when you can afford them. If you listen to any multi-channel SACD or DVD-a it will be well worth the wait. Timbre matching for these formats is crucial, If you want the best possible sound,and I know you do, you know you do, that's why you got the Lsi's in the first place. Now turn off your computer and start collecting cans from the dumpster behind the 7-11, borrow money, rob the paper boy, do what ever it takes...within reason of course!
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    I was going to say pretty much the same thing as Frank over there. Save up for another month or two, or ask the fiance for a special Christmas present. ;)

    You could get something else, but they won't match - and you will always wonder about and want the LSiF/X. :)

    I'm seriously thinking of trading or selling a pair of 9's for some F/X. Any takers? :)
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    Man you guys are making this a tough decision. Maybe I can register our wedding gifts at a store that sells the f/x. hahaha!!! She won't go for that. For now I would use my surrounds 99% for HT since SACD & DVD-a doesn't cover the whole spectrum of available music out there yet. So....guys, back to my $400 budget. Any ideas?
    LSi9, LSiC, PSW1200, Definitive Technology BP2X surrounds, Sony rcvr STR-DE435, Panasonic DVD-RA60
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