7.1 surround back speakers?

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I am in the process of finishing my entertainment room, and am pre-wiring for 7.1 surround sound. My current system consists of:
Onkyo tx-sr800
Front L/R-LSi15
Surround sides-fx300i
Surround back-?
2-Onkyo M282 to bi-amp LSiC and LSi15's
For aesthetic purposes I would like to be able to use either the RC80i in the ceiling about 8 feet behind the listening position, or the RC85i in the back wall about 14 feet behind the listening position. Anybody have any suggestions/opinions on this? Will the RC series sound ok for the back surrounds?
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    My opnion is go for it.But I have heard of a rumor that Polk is coming out with lsi inwalls next year..........maybe worth looking into.
    Depending on how high your ceiling is,go inceiling.If it's over 9 feet,go inwall.14 feet huh,thats really deep,It might be alittle 2 deep.Press for inceiling.
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    In my experience, I found that surround back yields the best response when positioned exactly the same distance from your listening position that your mains and center are.

    For example, If your mains are 12ft from the sweet spot then you should put your surround back 12ft from the listening position too.

    I did this set-up in my room and in customers homes and it sounds absolutely great and fills in real nice so if it's possible in your room I would definitely recommend doing it that way.

    Pre-wiring is great isn't it?

    Have fun.
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    If your receiver allows for setting the speaker delay or setting the speaker distance from your listening position then the actual distance is not important. I would not go with inwall speakers though, their performance is not as good as a standard bookshelf speaker or bi/dipole speaker. I've got 2 Lsi7's for my rear channels and their performance is second to none!
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    Does anything really match well with LSi, other than more LSi?

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    Thanks for replies and info. I think I have decided to go with another set of f/x 300i, reason being at least the rear surrounds would all match one another. I wish I could afford the matching LSiFX's or even the LSi7's all the way around, but for now the f/x 300i's will have to suffice. I guessed a little short on the distance to the back wall from the listening position, it is actually closer to 17 ft, while the distance to the front speakers will be a little over 14 feet. I am hoping the speaker distance/delay in the onkyo will be able to handle this.
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    The minimal experience I have with delay settings is exactly that, DELAY. With such a distance I would think you would need to be able to delay all other channels to compensate. I'm thinking ceiling mounted 300i(s) if possible.

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    Other then that, good luck. I found the LSi's can be mated with other speakers, specificaly the Polk SDA's. I do warn, it produces a *different* sound. Often even good mating will do this, for better or for worse.

    The *different* is what you want to aviod when your building a Home Theater speaker package.I don't think it's wise to buy speakers that are going to sound*different* is the logical choice.

    If I where you I would save the money you plan on spending on the next set of FX/300's and wait untill you can buy a apir of Lsi7's.Correct choice I believe and down the road you don't have to buy again.

    Patience my friend.....all good things come.........in time.;)
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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