Speaker compatibility with SDA-2B's?

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I am thinking about upgrading to a 5 speaker home theater surround. I would like to keep my two front speakers if possible. They are Floor standing Polk SRS SDA-2's. I would need a Center channel, and the two rear speakers. Can I get them to be "compatible" or system matched for sound with my current speakers, or do I really need to purchase a whole new set?

Any replies would be helpful
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  • jacobsrphjacobsrph Posts: 2
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    I am going very high end on the amp - 300 watts X 5 channels into 8 ohms, 600 watts X 5 channels into 4 ohms. I realize that my SDA-2's are 6 ohms. Are the LSi's at a different ohm rating, and is that a concern?
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    I bought SDA2's a few months ago and was using them
    as my fronts. I put together a HT setup and bought
    SDA1'C-s as my new fronts, moved the 2's to the rears,
    bought a CS400i center channel and a psw450 sub.
    I'm very happy with this setup!! If you could find a pair
    of 1-C's or another pair of 2's, go for it. I think the cs400i
    is a good match. There is another center channel that is
    supposed to match up well with the sda's, I think it is
    def tech or something. Someone here will know. SDA's
    make great ht speakers IMO. The new dts Lord of the
    RIngs rocks my house!
    Fronts: SDA1C's
    Rears: SDA2's
    Sub: PSW505
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    I agree...the SDA's are a good HT speaker. I have a CS400 center that matches well with my SDA-2Bs. I also have a pair of rt1000i's for the rears. I have a PSW350 for the sub. I like it a lot. I have also heard the fx500's are a good match for surrounds with these speakers
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