How to wire RTi70 speakers

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Here goes a question about the RTi70's Should I Bi-wire or Bi-amp them. Please I don't know the differences between the two and I need your opinion on this and how its done. I have done a search here on this and it turned out to be a pissing contest. So the question is, is it a good idea to do? Also is it just two different sets of wires (4 total) to each speaker and tieing both sets in one connection on the receiver or does one set go to the receiver and one set to the amplifier.

Thanks for your help.

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    I would give it a try, it certainly won't do any harm. You can either buy a biwire cable or run two sets of wire from your binding posts to the separate terminals. You be the judge of what sounds best.

    If you can sort through some of the other stuff, there are some good explanations of what bi-wiring and bi-amping is. Also look in the Polk library, if I remember correctly in the HT handbook it gives a pretty good explanation.

    At a minimum, I'd suggest replacing the metal jumper with some decent wire between the post.

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    Dude just Bi-wire your 70's and you will get a huge improvment of sound quality. You can buy a number of different bi-wire cables from Monster, MIT, Kimber, Cardas, Transparent, what ever you like but I would strongly advise you not to Bi-amp them if you are using a receiver and an amp. There is no need to Bi-amp them with what you are running regardless of what these clowns tell you.
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    Originally posted by liv4fam
    There is no need to Bi-amp them with what you are running regardless of what these clowns tell you.

    Another productive comment. :rolleyes:
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