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DarqueKnightDarqueKnight Posts: 6,673
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The work day goes by so much faster now.:)

Sony-CDP-CA80ES CD Player
Yamaha T-80 Tuner
Parasound PLD-1000 Preamp
Adcom GFA-555 Mk II Power Amp
Polk Audio LSi9 Speakers (Sweet!)
Monster Interlink 400 II Interconnects
Monster 12 Gauge Speaker Cable
Wood Technology HD-26 26" Stands
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"Polk SDA-SRSs are hopelessly out of date both sonically and technologically... I see no value whatsoever in older SDA speakers."~Audio Asylum Member
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  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,036
    edited November 2002
    Can I use your office rig as my dedicated 2ch. rig? Very nice.
    Make it Funky! :)
  • madmaxmadmax Posts: 12,438
    edited November 2002
    I tried to do a nice office system but my area was too small for SDA's to work properly and I don't want to buy new stuff. Now I'm back to crappy sounding PC speakers. Man, now I have a terrible headache from listening to these things. They should make an SDA office version speaker. Sounds like a nice system you have going!
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D
  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,354
    edited November 2002

    I'll trade ya, what do I got here... (dig, dig, rummage, rummage) a pair of Boston Acoustics A40's, Polk R2's, a coolman Realistic tuner (digging through wallet) $12.37, a half full tin of Altoids, 3 rubber bands and my first born male child for those CRS's.....

    Lemme look through my office, I got more crap laying around. Hey, how about a COOL gas mask?


    ahh, hell, I'll even thow in a bottle of aspirin for that headache...
    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
  • madmaxmadmax Posts: 12,438
    edited November 2002
    I like to help you out but Har has first dibs on the SDA's, not that he is every going to get them :)
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D
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