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I have a pair of old Polks, and want to upgrade. I also want to do Home Theater. Regarding stereo music, I would be alone and sitting in the sweet spot, of course. But for HT, the whole family will likely be watching/listening and not all of us can fit in the sweet spot. However, since HT relies on a center channel to do most of the work, is the sweet spot really an issue for HT?

In other words, do I sacrifice my desire of imaging by a good pair of fronts vs. HT for the family via a wider sound stage (and less imaging?) provided by bi- or omni-polar speakers?
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    I have no problems using my 1.2 TL's as fronts on the HT or main stereo system.

    I would not sacrafice your older Polks on that premise, because you will be disappointed in the long run.

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    What kind of Old Polks?
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    very good question,allow me to retort,
    You still setup your 2 channel speakers(mains) just as you would to listen to music.Maybe go slighty wider to fill a larger area of seating.The center channel has good off axis responce,the sweat spot is still the best seat in the house.

    I'll fill you in on a little trick if your willing to work alittle.This will give you the ability to level out the system on average of all listening positions.Ok.......
    setup the sweat spot on all channels.Write down the level settings.Then repeat for all seating positions.After all is said and done,take an average of all levels at all seating positions.This is where you set your levels for maxium experience for all.Gotta bend somewhere...........or just setup your sweat spot,sit there yourself and everyone else will just get a lesser experience...still a good one but you'll have the best seat in the house.........allday
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    It really depends whether you like having a center speaker or not. Some people prefer the phantom image(no center) but I always use the center speaker and I sit on the sweet spot all the time. You can try borrowing a center speaker from a friend and see if you like the result.

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    Thanks for the input. Looks like I can have the best of both worlds with good fronts and a good center.

    By the way, my current Polks are Monitor 5Bs; they are almost 20 years old, and still sounding good, but I desire sharper imaging and crisper bass -- any suggestions for the $2K to $3K range for good fronts?)
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    dainis, welcome to the forum, i would go and take a listen to the lsi-line, if you buy them whitch is a good chance after a listen, and put the monitor 5-bs in the bedroom system, and save them there worth it.
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