Sweet Spot vs. Center Channel

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I have a pair of old Polks, and want to upgrade. I also want to do Home Theater. Regarding stereo music, I would be alone and sitting in the sweet spot, of course. But for HT, the whole family will likely be watching/listening and not all of us can fit in the sweet spot. However, since HT relies on a center channel to do most of the work, is the sweet spot really an issue for HT?

In other words, do I sacrifice my desire of imaging by a good pair of fronts vs. HT for the family via a wider sound stage (and less imaging?) provided by bi- or omni-polar speakers?
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    you raise a good point. most of us don't have the room in our home theater rooms to include everyone in the sweet spot. my couch can only seat two or three people.. the other sitting and viewing area is off to the left of the screen.

    I've sat in that other viewing area and admit that it's not ideal. But, the sound was nearly as good sitting off axis because with the openness of the bi wired fronts and the bipolar rears.. it was almost as good as sitting in the sweet spot.
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    Thanks for the input. I think having a good center and good fronts will allow the best of both worlds.