RM6700 vs RM6600

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I have the RM6600 satellite speakers, with a PSW350 sub. Love it - fantastic.

I see Polk are advertising the RM6700. What is the difference? Do they sound better, similar, or what?

Are they the same size? RM6700 has power porting. Mine are in a cabinet, does this restrict the effectiveness of power porting?

Would love to know whether I need to get the cheque book out again.

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    I did some research myself on the Rm6700. I have the 6600 and love them but as always they come out with something better. the bass port they say works wonders with the midrange response and combine the sats with the sub great.. also 90sens instead of 89.... I would think they would be alot better for music then the RM6600
  • Sean De FreitasSean De Freitas Posts: 52
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    Thanks KIm,

    Sounds really good. Although I have my 6600s inside a sealed timber
    cabinet, foam lined (to tame any reverberations). With a power port out the
    back, would that sound muffled in my cabinet?

    And if I already have the 6600s, in reality how much ACTUAL difference would
    I hear by upgrading (you know, sometimes for the expense the difference can
    be purely academic, or alternatively if can also be like 'chalk and
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