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Just upgraded my center and fronts to the CSI40 and the RTi150's. Sounding pretty good. Now all i will have to do is upgrade my sub and get some better surrounds and ill be nice and happy for a good while.
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    That is on it's way to a nice speaker package
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    Where you been cochese?

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    can u give us a reveiw on those i150s?
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    very nice......i think a pair of rt55i's would sound nice as well as a psw650....that would be tight....
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    Been up and down the east coast baltimore, new york, kentucky. Heading out to Georgia this morning. I joined wescott golf club the other week. As far as a review dont think i am very well suited to be doing one. But i can tell you this those speakers are huge and weigh a ton. They need to make lifting handles on the sides of them so they are easier to move around and place. Troy did your wife tell you i talked to her online the other night. I thought it was you online. Anyway gots to get ready to go. 3.5 hour drive then go to work sucks after getting up at 4 am. Need to hookup and go golfing sometime man.
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