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About two years ago I bought a Kenwood HB505? theater in a box system. it came with a powered 100watt sub, two cheapo fronts, a cheapo center and two really cheapo rears and the VR-507 receiver.

I immediately upgraded the wire but I quickly I got the urge to upgrade the speakers as well. First, I bought two Polk R40’s from Circuit City, (have until Dec 31 to upgrade) and I use those as my front mains and moved the previous Kenwood mains to the rear.

Then I upgraded the center channel to a Polk CS245i that I bought from

In my very near future, (within the month) I would like to upgrade to a Harmon Kardon 520 receiver, and either ;

A. Trade in R40’s to Circuit City and get good surrounds either Fx i50’s or Fx i30’s and buy new mains (either Lsi9 or Rti70’s) from an online dealer.

B. Keep R40’s and use them as rear surrounds, and get new mains either Lsi9 or Rti70’s from an online dealer. ( has lsi9 for $630 a pair and Rti70’s for $560 a pair)

For now upcoming year I will be keeping the Cs245i center and the original Kenwood powered sub, but I will and may upgrade it at a later time.

Please offer suggestions that will offer the best sound and allow me the most flexibility in the future.

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