Getting Started Again

Calvin Lane
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Hi, I am new to this forum and am just getting started hooking up a new Home Theratre System. We just completed a home renovation and I prewired my 20'X20' family room. I am currently finishing the wiring for the speaker terminals.

I am looking for advice on speaker use. I have some VINTAGE Polk speakers and am currently awaiting a return email from Kim Jasper on their specs. When I moved to San Diego in 1988 I bought some Polk Monitors...a pair of Polk MR-33427s for front L/R, a pair of Polk M3IIs for L/R surround and a Polk CS-100 for the center. At that time I don't beleive they were recommending a Subwoolfer but I have sense added a Polk PSW-350.

Does anone recognize any of this Polk Vintage equipment? Do you think I am going to be happy with the MR-33427s as my L/R fronts. They will also be my main listening speakers in two channel stereo. What speakers would be a good match for the CS-100 and M3s.

I am driving my system with a SONY STR-DA5ES which is hooked up to a SONY DVP-NS715P Progressive Scan DVD player sending signals to a SONY 34XBR800 HDTV that is connected to a SONY SAT HD 200 and a Direct TV Satallite Disk.
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