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I was surfing another forum and a question came up about having to replace the driver and tweeter on a LS70. I directed him here to get the replacements and here was his reply:
Thanks for the Information. I need something else. I was told to get new speakers because these are ten years old and it won't be to soon until I have another driver go out. If you had to purchase speakers between $500-$600 and they cannot be over 38" high which way would you give me some direction? Could you e-mail me for I forget to look on this site. I want something that has the same if not better sound. Have you ever heard of a Brand called Athena. I looked at a pair and enjoyed them, but they were to tall. I am speaking of the AS-F2's.

I have never heard the LS70 but I think it would be hard to replace that speaker in todays dollars for $600 or less. These had a MSRP of $599.95 EACH back then. My suggestion would be to continue to replace the driver and tweeter unless the speakers were just trashed (for the money he is willing to spend). To get better he could maybe go with the LSi9 in the $650.00 range (FROM A NON-AUTHORIZED SOURCE) and he would still need stands. The only other thing in the polk line would be the R50 and I can't imagine it would be up to the LS70 standard. The RTi70 might come close but it is too tall for his requirements and has a MSRP of $900 for a pair although he might get close to his price limit.

Am I off base here? What would you guys that have heard the LS70 recommend?
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    I would agree with you on that. Those LS series speakers were very nice looking and sounding. Replace the drivers as needed. Of course, the 70's used the 7 and a half inch drivers (with aramid fibers) and locating those may be difficult down the road a bit.
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    Tell him that he should get another set of speakers. If you do that then tell him that i would like those old broken ones he has left over.:) I will arrange the shipping for them. thanks:)
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