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I have a set of monitor 10's and was wondering if a tube amp would work with it? if you were going to buy a tube amp for your 10's what size would you get?

thanks joe

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    I've also got the 10s and have also been looking at tube amps. Mostly for another system, but.

    I wouldn't consider anything less than 60w/ch. I agree with F1nut, the more the better.
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    I would look more at the type of tubes used rather than power rating. So far I have been happy with EL-34's and 6550's. Typical power ratings range between 40 to 60 watts per channel using these.

    Keep in mind that a tube amp, because it has very little intermodulation distortion, seems about 4 to 6 times more powerful than a similarly rated solid state amp.

    Another little tip is that doubling your power makes very little difference. I got a little taste of this on my last amplifier. It is rated at 50 or 100 watts depending on which way a switch is set. This switch allowed me to compare the two wattages in real time with everything running. The difference is so minimal that it is not even relevant. The reason is that to double the sound output you must have ten times the power. Doubling the power only adds a few db which is only peceptable (where is the spell checker when you need it!).

    I have tried a few Jolida brand amps and they are quite nice. My last purchase was a Manley amp. I like it better but either one is worlds better than most of my more costly solid state amps.

    Good luck!
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