RT1000p @ 4 or 6 ohms?

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I am looking at a couple of replacement recivers for my home theater system. Some are capable of driving the mains at 4, 6, and 8 ohms. I know that they normaly run at 8 ohms right now. Will driving them with 4 or 6 ohms improve preformance or possibly damage my speakers?

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    What receivers are you looking at? A lot of people have/do own RT1000's, I'm sure you could get some advice as to what seems to mate well. Are the 1000's to pull duty in an HT rig, or 2ch?

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    The 1000's will be pulling double duty, mainly HT but there will be occasional loud gatherings. A couple of recivers I have been checking out are the HK AVR320 $1000.00cdn ( a little expensive for the features don't you think?), Dennon AVR1803 $900.00cdn, Yamaha RXV730 $800.00cdn. I have yet to hear the Onkyo but I am looking forward to the demo.
    So far I am leaning toward the Denon, I like the features and the ease of use compared to the HK or Marantz.

    Do you think it is worth the extra cost to upgrade to the 6.1 system or to save some cash and stick with the 5.1?
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    IMO --- 6.1 was well worth the money. It made a big difference to me. Most recievers will give you a "matrixed" sound with any movie. In essence giving you a non discret 6.1 on any DD or DTS DVD. It really feels out the sound. I was very surprised at how effects (front to back - back to front) and improved rear sound also in 6 channel music.;)
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    If your going to upgrade and need a good match for the rt1000p's,Id wait just a little,The new Denon avr3803 is to hit the market anytime now.It has been improved over the current avr3802,is the latest and greatest in technology,and your gain powered 2nd zone if your going to run 5.1 in the theater room.Super cool receiver for the kind of money you want to spend.It's also a 7.1 receiver non powered 2nd zone,you'll need an external amp to drive the 2nd zone when you run 7.1 in the main zone/theater room.
    It get's my highest vote for the rt line ,all of them.I used to own the rt1000p's and I had a Denon avr3801,it mated really good.Smooth and slightly dynamic.Good mix/match.
    The new avr3803 is suppost to hit the market at the same 999.99 price point US dollars
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    Thanks for the advice. $1000.00US works out to about $1600.00cdn with shipping. It is a little out of my price range, I am off to demo a couple of Onkyo's today. I let you know what I find out. Some of the pricing is a little wacky in Canada.
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