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Mike Frisbey
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I have an outdated ProLogic Surround setup. I do have Polk RT1000p's w/subs as front speakers. We will be going to a 5 or 6.1 receiver soon (I have been saying this now for 2 years)

Nothing else for speakers is remarkable (or worth telling anyone about) except maybe the JBL S-Center.

Now here is the strange part. An aquaintance has passed away and he had an identical set of RT1000p's as me. The lady wanted to give them to me and I offered to buy them for a decent price. She wouldn't hear of it and we settled for $50.

Would these be totally unreasonable to use as rear channels with the subs in them? I do understand speaker placement on the surrounds and all but golly! Could I just add a rear center and have something neat?

Any ideas?
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  • mantis
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    Let me see 4 rt1000p's 2 for fron 2 for rears then you want to add a rear center.........ummmmmm well **** dude you would have a killer set up as I see it.If you don't own a cs400 Id pick one up for the front center.Add a psw450 and your off.

    here's how I see it if your lookin for a 6 or 7 channel receiver to go with such a system.....

    Denon avr3803 or avr3802 id you can find one left.Cs400i center for up front.Use the rt1000p's as mains,pick up a psw450 for LFE,Use the oher pair of rt1000p's as rears, then instead of a single center channel of the surround back, Id go for a pair of rt35's.Now you have an awesome system as I see it.

    Setup.......mains large,center small,sub to yes or on,rears to large,surround back to small,use all good quality wire.SPl the whole thing and BAM..........

    Here's another receiver Id consider for that system..Rotel rsx1055 or if your feeling tricky, go Rotel rsx1065.Your gonna have to buy a seperate amp for Surround back.The Denon you will not.The Rotel is a higher quality and better sounding in my opnion.But Denon has more features........options.
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  • jcaut
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    Strange question??
    Trust me: That wasn't strange at all! Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear that your acquaintance passed away. That's a heck of a deal you got on a pair of RT1000's though. The only negative to using them for rears would be that you won't be too flexible on placement.

    I personally would opt for a matching center channel before I'd worry about back surrounds, since the front center is WAY more important.

    Or here's another thought: Unless you think it would be disrespectful, you could offer up the 1000's for sale, then use the proceeds to buy a nice, smaller set of surrounds. You'd probably have enough left over to go a long way towards a good subwoofer (which you will really need for LFE, in spite of the built-in jobs). That might not seem prudent, since you were essentially given the 1000's---- Just a thought.

    There are lots of good HT receivers, depending on your price range. If you're shopping around the $1K mark the Denon that mantis mentioned is a good choice. I personally would avoid Sony and Kenwood (I've had both-- now have Denon), but you'll just have to shop and listen.

  • trubluluc
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    Hook the second set of 1000's up to your B jacks on your receiver and .....
    Like the way your 1000's sound for music? well,
    take that joy and double it.

    By all means use the 2nd set of 1000's
    as your rear surrounds (if theater is more important to you).

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth,
    especially if that gift was given by a friend.

  • HBombToo
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    I'm with luc... use them for surrounds if you have the room. I believe bigger is better. Sorry to hear about your loss.

  • mark g. nelson
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    I have Rti1000's for surounds. They work great, go for it.
    I also agree you need to find a polk center. the balance diff. up front will be heard right away.
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