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Would appreciate if anyone would share their positive & negative experiences w/various brands/models. Not asking for full review, just something along the lines of the example that follows, from my own experience--

Philips--never again. 2 failed on me in a very short period of time, one was a 3-changer/1 recorder machine & the other was a CD recorder minisystem.
Sony--dual deck worked fine for the brief period of time I had it, but I rtnd it because at the time, all the furor over copyright protection had me paranoid about hanging on to it.

I'm considering getting one again, because the copyright thing seems to be an ongoing battle that won't be resolved soon, & I've decided to hang onto my car for a long time & it only has a CD player, no need for tapes or MDs.

Thanks in advance to those of you who take time to reply.
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    I wouldn't get one. From my (short) experience with an HK recorder, and what I've heard of others... the CD's that are burned are not exact copies. They are very limited by the media that you can use, and the final product (burned CD) often can not be duplicated.

    JUst drop the $80 or so for a computer CD burner, if you can.
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    All CD recorder decks have the SCMS built-in prevent you to make copy from a copy CD, you can make as many copies you want from the original CD, but you can't not make copy from a copied CD (using the CD music, in which the loyalty fee has been paid). But if you use the computer CD and burn CD, you can make copy anyway you want, copy to copy (if you know how) I used the Pioneer Elite CDR-19, and have no problem with it at all. When you make copy of the digital CD via digital output cable, you'll get the exact copy, no more, no less (digital is digital, no reduce or loss in quality), except they burn differently than the original CD.
    I now own the Sony HAR-D1000, a CD burner deck with the 40 gig HDD which can store several hundred of CDs.
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    Interesting read. I am also looking for a HOME burner. I need another cd player anyway and I just seem not to get the flexablity on my computer burner. Burning different tracks from different cd's never works right. But I like to burn MP3's mostly.
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