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I am looking for a progressive scan DVD. Is there more than one resolution available? I believe the ones I looked at were called 565p or something similar. Are there different ones out there and what am I looking for. I am not very knowledgable about high definition video formats.
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    You want 1080i (interlaced) which equates to 540p (progressive). The two tems refer to the way the image is generated on the screen.

    This is simplified, but here goes:

    Interlaced generates every other line on the first pass, and then comes back and fills in the blanks on the second pass.

    Progressive fill in every line sequentially. It gives a less jittery, smoother image, especially during fast action sequences.

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    Thanks Doc! Let me get this all straight here so I can remember it. Is this all right? And one more question... Are DVD players available in 540p at this time because I have not seen any?

    525P 480i (DVD players I have seen)
    540p 1080i (DVD players available?)

    i=interlaced p=progressive

    Also, Are you saying I would set it to 1080i if that setting is available or set to 540p?

    Sorry to be so ignorant about the subject.
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    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D
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    Ideally, the picture is perfect if we could get the 1080p broadcast, but because of the bandwith is too wide, it's almost impossible to broadcast the HDTV signal at that size, that why you see most of HDTV in the market are capable of handling up to 1080i or 480p instead. There a some of the HDTV is designed to handle the 720p HDTV broadcast, hopefully in the near future. Most of the DVD players you see outhere will have the progressive scan feature and switchable to interlace as well with 480p or 480i, I did not aware of any new DVD players that have more than the 480p. Newer player now feature more processing power to the video portion up to 108mhz/12bit...(Sony, Pioneer)...that will help to give you better quality picture as well.
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