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I need a volume control for my outdoor speakers. I have an Onkyo 600 that is rated at 80 watts per channel. The volume control I purchased has a 60 watt rating. Will this work or should I get a higher rated control?:confused: Thanks Casey
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    The volume control you purchased should suit you just fine for common everyday listening. Outdoor listening by the pool or deck is usually at moderate volume levels; ie. background music, and most outdoor speaker systems are small and efficent. Even at higher voulmes the 60 control should be fine.
    I'm running chepo Sam's club outdoor KLHs with my NAD 7175 receiver through a Radio Shack 50 watt in-wall volume control and its fine. Only one time did the voulme control overload because we had the NAD cranked way (we had a party) up and the bass was too high. (The KLHs sounded good, but the voulme control was tapping - you could hear the bass coming from the control).
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