What other speakers do you own?



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    I'll chime in with my .02....

    Now, I've not heard the MMG's but I have heard the 1.6's and the 3.6's at a local shop. I agree, in essence, with El Roma says however, I think if you like the Maggie sound, and I do, the MMG is a pretty good deal. Especially when you consider what you would get for 550 elsewhere (new purchases).

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    Everything I've ever heard takes a back seat to The Amazing's, but now the AR-9's are being properly driven, and the back seat for THEM is a lot closer to the Amazing's than anything else I have ever heard. When you were here in August, I was driving the 9's with nothing but the Carver 150 Receiver. I have since inserted a MONSTER Onkyo power amp in there to drive the four 12" acoustic suspension woofers, and the Carver drives the rest. Totally different animals now. They sounded great before, but they sound OUTSTANDING now. No SDA or hologram generator, and these things image wickedly! I attribute that to the "acoustic blanket" covering the front baffle. No late arrivals at all because of that blanket. Just primaries going straight to the cillia. $10K couldn't get these out of this room now.

    The Onkyo is an M-506RS. It's a beast. I'd like to find another one so that I could "vertically bi-amp" the 9's, but the Onk was not sold in this country, and will be damn tough to find a brother for. Some of the best $150 I ever spent for that Onk. The best $200 I ever spent for the 9's. Selling all four Polk RTA11's offset both the purchase price of the 9's, and the re-foaming of all the drivers too.

    I refuse to spend money for "new" speakers. There is just too much incredible stuff out there that can be had for a song and a dance on the used market. Kevlar woofs don't sound any better than properly executed paper ones. Might hold up better on the battlefield however. Everything is hype. Get past the hype, and you can feel very comfortable with older SUPER ACCURATE designs.

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    Agreed and well said. Personally, I doubt that I will ever purchase another brand new pair of speakers. I haven't heard a pair of new speakers that I liked better than my 250 dollar DQ's. Not bad for a hand made 40yr old design and some garage sale gear.

    I think the Carver Receiver did a DAMN fine job of driving the AR-9's and if I'm invited back, would like to hear them again AND see that whole damn movie (without the skipping). Wendi can't wait to come visit again. She loves her some El Roma, I tell ya.

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    But First, I have to give a Shout Out to GEORGE GRAND!

    Missed ya, Man!

    Ok, here goes:

    Polk Monitor 10Bs
    RTR Series III and IVBs
    AR 18s, 92s, 94s
    Altec Model 3s, 9s, 14s
    MA (MicroAcoustic) 3dbxs
    Klipsch Heresys, Tangents, Center, KSW12 Sub (Current HT Setup)
    Sansui SP-1500s
    Realistic/Optimus Mach IIs (2 Pair)
    ESS PS8A (Heil Air Motion Tweets)

    Recent "Scores"

    Pioneer HPM 150s (Replaced Blown Woofs with a pair of Woofs from the CS-99A)

    JBL L-100s and L-100 Centurys (All Alinico Drivers)

    Love that Vintage Stuff!
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    I've owned every major retail brand out there at one time or another, Yamaha, pioneer, kenwood, bose ect,ect....being young, in the military, and over sea's you have it like that :) Of course that was over 20 years ago. Now I'm down to the polks and 4 dbx bookshelves.
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    New Advent Loudspeakers, 1979 vintage. Bought 'em when I was a senior in high school and can't bring myself to turn 'em loose. Now serving as surround music speakers in Denon system. Surround movie speakers are Polk dipoles. Love those old Advents, but none of the drivers are original now. 2nd mid/woofer failed after about 18 years of service!
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