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I've been right here (look at your computer). See? Really needed to get away for awhile.
Yes, still racking up frequent flier miles at a faster rate than I would like. However the end IS in sight. 5 more years till retirement from the flying business.

I had no idea I still had speakers up in your attic. Maybe life is not suck after all. I no longer have your e-mail address. If you've really got the hots to ship me a speaker, I'm at:

[email protected]

Contact me there, and I'll give you a better e-mail address, and a shipping address as well. Need anything from my end?

George Grand (of the Jersey Grand's)
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    Thanx George, my email address is: [email protected], and yes, you still have one of this speaker in my attic, shoot me your mailing address and I will beam it up to you. Do I need anything on your end?, probably not, the Kenwood DAT is still working, I wish I know about your Sony DAT earlier, but I can't is good...if you don't try to abuse the "night vision" equipment on your scheduled night flight... Take care:D
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