rm7500 and psw650 with onkyo 797

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please polk , tell me wats the best set up for a 15x15 size room configuration for my onkyo could understand?
should i use delay? o plus next year on jan..when i get christmas money!!!_-- i will plan to upgrade my system to all 7 channels(i know i need an extra amp... no problem!!) plus im using my psw650.! so i need to know if
1. i should get new front floor standing speakers (RTi150 )for more bass(cause i love bass!will pay anything for it)-and remove the the front satelites rm7500-to the surrounds back. or
2. should i get surrounds speakers like the fxi50 . so my main plan is to get moreBASSand better surround channels dont forget i want more bass!!o and sometimes my speakers is missing the midrange.......please make me happy!tell me wat to do
this is how my room is
left sub is on top lcenter is onl l door l right
____ __2''high__ top of tv entrance ____
speaker distance is set for front:15'' center 14"
surrounds left 6'' right 9'' psw 650 sub 15''
window my huge full size bed
left surround is on side wall 6 feet high like the right
l *sofa next to the wall* l
l (*which i know is not recommended*) l
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    Hey Flacolicious,
    I own the 797 and my understanding of it if you put in the accurate distances of your speakers from the distance of your listening position into the reciever, the unit automatically adjusts the proper amount of delay.
    As far as speakers and sound that is a personnal thing ,as far as bass, I have the 350 in a 9'by15' room and I noticed a huge difference in bass when I moved my unit into a corner of the room, If you haven't already done that.
    Good luck, Peace StuffMD
    Your system is only as good as your weakest component...!

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    Rear: Fx300i
    Rear Center:CS 245i
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    Vision RCA 36" Premiere Series
    Bang & Olfsen RX Turntable
    Psw 350 Front/Psw 202 rear
    Kimber Cable 4TC Mains HF
    Monster Originals/Center
    Kimber Interconnects
    Monster XP Everywhere else
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