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I have a Yamaha HTR5280, 100 watts x 5. Would this be sufficient to power a set of LSI 15's. Thanks, Tom
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    Since you said "a set" I assume you mean a pair only. It will power them, but they are a 4 ohm load and there is no way your receiver is going to really drive them. You will need a good seperates to do that.
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    I agree with F1nut. Also, there is a good chance that your reciever will clip out or go into protection mode at higher volumes since the LSi will be sucking it dry. ;)

    It'll work, but I would plan on getting a seperate amp sometime. I went ahead and picked up a good used amp before I I got my LSi's. A good amp really isn't that expensive, and it's well worth it.
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    My Arcam reciever powers my 9s just fine.

    I really don't think you need seperates for any of the LSi line, just a good quality high current reciever.

    My .02
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    what about my ONKYO 797? Do i need more current, they seem to running all right on it , but maybe im missing out and i dont even no it.
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    I know I am! That's why I'm going to make the jump to an Anthem AVM-20 pre-amp and an Anthem PVA-7 amp.

    You might want to look at this thread also...

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    Originally posted by tpeter
    what about my ONKYO 797? Do i need more current, they seem to running all right on it , but maybe im missing out and i dont even no it.

    I looked up your amp, and you should be just fine. These speakers aren't THAT hard to drive, they just need a nice high current (which doesn't mean high wattage) amp. Your Onkyo should suit you well. Stop worrying about equipment and start enjoying it! :)
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    Hey TJ,

    You really might want to look into some lower impedance amplifiers with a little more power and current. From my own personal experiences with owning Yamaha I can tell you that they really do not like a 4 ohm speaker even ones with a moderately high sensitivity rating. I have the RXV-1 and I have used it to drive many speakers from 8-6-4 ohm speakers all ranging from 85db to 91db sensitive. And IMO the Yamaha is ideal for a 8 ohm speaker with 86 to 88 db sensitivity because it simply can bring life and dynamics to the speaker with ease and it retains all of it's dynamics.

    But when I run speakers like Dynaudio 1.3 MKII's off the Yamaha at 4 ohms they literally suck the thing dry. The receiver actually starts too distort as it does not have the power requirements nor the Drive at that ohm load.

    Recently, I have also had the experience of putting the Def Tech BP2004TL's on it and same thing 4 ohm at 91db sense with it's own internal amp for the powered sub and the Yamaha has a really hard time pushing the Bi-polar tower.

    I think in your case being that you own a great pair of speakers (CONGRATULATIONS) you owe it to yourself (if the budget permits) too put them on a nice seperate pre/pro amp combo. Parasound, Rotel, B&K, hell even older Adcom is all really good seperates for not a lot of money and you get really great sound that will show you what the LSI15's are completely capable of sounding like.

    Good Luck
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