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A guy at work is offering an adcom 2 ch. setup for sale. I have looked on ebay from some price guidance but I know the selling prices are normally high there. The setup is as follows:

GFA-545 II amp.
GTP-400 tuner/pre.

I like the sound and am considering upgrading to seperates, but what is the true market value of this setup? I will only buy if the price is good, otherwise I will wait until I am truely ready. Cash is at a premium around the household right now. Remarks?

BTW, I believe the equip. is in excellent condition, he is the original owner. I have bought from him before and he takes care is his stuff.
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    As far as true value, well I dunno. A wise man once told me that for amps, a dollar a watt is a good deal. I'm sure from ebay you can tell what he can expect to get if he goes that route.

    Having said that, I like the Adcom gear that I've heard although my experience with the amps is the odd demo. I own an Adcom passive preamp and love it. Bottom line, I think that it would be a good way to break in to separates without breaking the bank.

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    Using your "dollar per watt" equation the 545 (rated at 100 w/channel into 8 ohms) would be worth $100 or $200.

    What about a 4 ohm load (adcom rates the 545 at 150w/channel into 4 ohms)?

    I think this is the neighborhood he is looking for anyways. Probably $200 for amp and $100 for pre.
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    IMO 300.00 for that set up would be a good deal.

    Past Ebay closing prices for the 545II are 225-250.
    Past Ebay closing prices for the 400 are around 150-160

    So Ebay is 375.00-410.00
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    IMO, 100wpc - $100 (@ 8 ohms).......

    I'd say that 200 for the amp is OK, 100 for the pre is good. So 300 total, yeah, I'd go for that. I wouldn't say you were getting a steal but certainly you would probably pay more on ebay.

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    I got it today. $275 of course no shipping since it's local. Unit is immaculate with manuals but no boxes. I hope when I get it home it sounds better than my integrated NAD 7175. I'm sure it will-and it looks cooler. About time to sell the NAD now.
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    How much for the Nad?
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    one just sold on ebay for $150. Mine is at least as nice, probably nicer with box (box isn't in great shape) and I think manual. I recently replaced the memory cap. and bass pot. Pretty common problems I guess. I will list for $150 reserve. Anyone interested can have it for that + shipping.
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