Spiked my speakers, what should I be hearing?

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After following some threads about tweaks and speaker placement, I dug out the carpet spikes for my RT-12s and installed them.

The difference seems pretty subtle. Generally the sound seems a bit clearer/crisper. It seems more pronounced as the volume level goes high.

Is this what I should be expecting or am I just imagining things?

Any opinions on the CSi30's? I just pick it up last week and so far, I'm pretty happy with it. Picking out more detail from the centre channel track that I missed before. Heavy little beast though.


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    Some bad drunken pick up lines!!!!!:lol:
    I'm here all day.
    Hey man, If they sound better by just adding spikes - who cares what they SHOULD sound like. ;)
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    Dang Scott. I had to reread it, but laughed on the 2nd.

    What he says. Also you might encounter better bass. Not louder, just cleaner.
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