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I have the DS-2 system and would like to upgrade the receiver as the Polk receiver that came with the system does not have a DTS decoder. It offers dolby digital/prologic and that is the extent of it. However, the subwoofer is connected to the receiver via one 25 pin audio connector. I haven't found a single receiver that has this type of connetion for the subwoofer, nor have a found an adaptor to make it work. In fact, most people have never heard of using a 25 pin audio cable. Can you please help me?

I'm interested in upgrading to one of the newer Onkyo receivers.

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    I believe that one drawback of these systems is that they are designed to only work with the components in the system. Hey Micah--suggestion for the big boys--computer "upgradeability" (?) would be a nice feature for the next generation of Polk HT in a box, if there is one. Note--check with Polk Cust Srvc, I could be wrong.
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