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Hi there,

I've added another Polk speaker to the modest HT rig.
RT-12s as mains and now a CSi30 for the centre channel.
Considered the CSi40 but it was almost a freekin' big as
my TV. Well... not quite but I wouldn't want to try to
balance the 40 on top of the Sony.

Pretty happy with the purchase but I had one question.
My manual says the impedance is 4 ohms nominal. Yet, on
the manual online, it states it's compatible with 8 ohm?

Could someone clarify which is it? What exactly is the difference?
I don't claim to know what I'm talking about, just that I like
what I hear coming out of the Polks. :D



p.s. My wife blames everyone here for my sudden obsession with the HT and tweaking. ;)
Thanks for all the help and encouragement.
Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately it kills all its students.
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    That confused me for a while as well.

    The printed manual is incorrect. The correct figure is 8 ohms.
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    Denon 3802
    Mains -- RTi70s Biwired
    Center -- CSi40 Biwired
    Surrounds -- FXi50s
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