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I just added an Aragon 4004 MKII amp to my system, and it makes a huge difference in the front soundstage. I have it hooked up through the left and right preamp outs of the Outlaw 1050 receiver. It really made the most difference in two channel music. It really makes the RT800i's come alive. Not exactly real separates, but a definate improvement.
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    no experience with aragon but i know one thing, they EXPENSIVE little pieces of equipment
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    Hey carvinman1,

    I was just wondering since you have the Outlaw receiver, why you chose the Aragon amp, and not the Outlaw 755, or 770 ? Do
    you like the 1050 would you recommend it ?
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    I have heard that the Aragon amps, although possibly in a higher price range than some others, have a VERY high bang for the buck ratio.
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    up the leval, to your aragon 4004 mark II amp with a aragon sp-24k pre-amp with ips, the pre-amp totaly makes a big difference, in dymanics,deep sound stage & claraity. if you can find one.
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    I got the Aragon because a friend I work with was wanting to sell it. I had been thinking about adding a two channel amp to boost the performance of my system for two channel audio listening. I had considered one of the outlaws, but really did not feel the need for all those channels of amplification. I was lucky enough to be able to bring the Aragon home and try it out, and he gave me a decent deal. The Outlaw 1050 is a wonderful receiver, but it doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles. It is great bang for the buck, and the 65 watts per channel drives my RT800i's, CS400i, and RT35i's just fine. I just could not pass up the deal on such a quality amp.
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