HK filtered or unfiltered?

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Just reading the messages about filtered or unfiltered recievers. I have an HK AVR520 and wondering if it is filtered or unfiltered? Just curious as I'd like to get the absolute best sound I can(obviously) sounds great now though...Thanks..Bob
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    If your receiver can adjust speaker size and/or has an adjustable crossover frequency to the sub, it is capable of filtering the signal.


    1) speaker = small; sub = on

    routes bass from center/mains/surrounds below approx 100 Hz (exact frequency may be user selectable) to the sub; sub also gets LFE channel

    2) speaker = large; sub = on

    center/mains/surrounds get fed a full range signal; sub only gets LFE channel

    3) speaker = large; sub = off

    center/mains/surrounds get fed a full range signal; mains also get fed the LFE channel

    Hope this helps:

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