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With my upgrade to a progressive scan DVD player recently, I want to upgrade my component video cables. I have some cheapo ones right now. It definitely made a difference with prog. scan but I know better cables would make an even bigger difference. A lot of my other a/v interconnects are Acoustic Research and I have been very happy with them. I can get a 12 foot component Pro Series (HT192) for about $45 or the Master Series 12 foot (MS 292) for about $100. First, are there any other cables in that price range that others would recommend? Have any of you tried either of these? Is it worth the price difference to go to the Master series.
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    I got the Monster top of the line - 20 footer.
    Retails for $150 - have a friend that works at an audio shop and got it for cost only $70 --- Hell Ya! Very nice cables.:)
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    The differences between Master and Pro Series are that Master has two extra layers of shielding, locking RCAs, and a better noise trap. The Pro Series component is the only cable in the Pro Series that is coated with silver to give better picture quality, so the difference between the two cables are less than all of the other Pro Series cables.

    If you have the cash, go for the Master Series.

    That's my two cents worth.
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    i like the ar cabbles their mid line are alot of cabble for the buck like polk is i have monster cabble and a ar mid series and they are the same i have seen no differance exept the monster 2 meter was 50 and the ar i got for 35 and it is a 12 foot cabble
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    I just got the Tributaries Delta Component cables 2 meters from Audio Advisor for $51 after my 15% discount ($60 regular). I won't use Monster IC.
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    video cables......
    I have done some testing here with min results between .The color seems abit more even and clarity seems to be deeper.
    Now I have compared all levels of Monstercable.And Transparent to boot.Patchcables and cables I made myself.

    I think video cables make a less impack on performance.
    The silver series and all that I have not seen enough to buy the top of the line cables over the well made mid line cables.

    Do the testing yourself and see if you can tell enough difference to spend the extra cash.

    I own Monster M500 S video and Transparent S video.the Transparent is 100.00 a meter and the Monster is 50.00 a meter.The 2 cables are both well built,giving the edge to built quality to Transparent.Performance......I studied the video on my Sony Wega XBR 36 inch and man what a hard test.The transparent might have had a tiny edge in colr and depth of field, but not enough at this picture size to tell.

    I own Transparent component cables and the built quality is superior over Monster,but again the performance is min.

    I'm planning on a 110 inch Stewart screen and a Sharp DLP 9000u projector for the Theater room.I will have another shootout at that time.

    I have done 100's of screens and projector setup's with all kinds of different wiring.Again not a shootout but they all looked killer.

    Audio to me seems so much easier to tell one cable from the next.Video gives it to me everytime...and I have perfect 20/20 vision.
    did I mention I hear 20 to 20??????????????LOL;)
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    Originally posted by mantis
    [did I mention I hear 20 to 20??????????????LOL;) [/B]

    sure did if you have your eyes close a your ear wide open...:D :D :D
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    I like high end Monster Cables. I do not know much about AR cables.
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    I should have posted earlier but I actually bought some of the AR Master Series cables and I have been very pleased. The price was a lot better than anything from Monster and they appear to be better cables. A world of difference over the cheap ones that I had before!
    Polk RT 800i mains, CS 400i center, FX 500i surrounds, RT 35i rear centers, Definitive Supercube II, Yamaha RX-V3800, Samsung PN58C8000
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