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Hi, reasonably new to the area. Came to Polk on a friend's recommendation; for the most part, couldn't be happier.

to the point at hand!

I've something of an audio/video dunce. For the most part, I don't know a bloody thing. But I like what I hear! In any case; I've recently become intrigued by the possibility of improving sound quality from my AMR 130's through better speaker placement. The biggest obstacle right now is that the wires to the surrounds are too short! Am I missing someting obvious? Is there a way to extend them? (They're long enough to get 3/4 of the way to the wall, just not long enough to mount back there, much less three feet above ear level. Rumor has it, that's where they belong.)
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    break down and buy some speaker wire.
    Put the speakers where you want them cut off long enough lengths (add a couple extra feet just to be safe) and either use some type of plug, or direct wire it to speaker.

    I'm guessing that the computer speaker cables included are for a cubicle or smaller office.

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