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I am looking at some of the SVS subs...There are a few things on their website that seem a little funny to me. They are a little "foggy" on some of their specs. For the PCi series the list the power output at 320 watts at 4 ohms buy they never actually say if the driver is wired at 4 ohms. That makes me think it is running at 8 but the amp is capable of running at 4. The PC Plus series is very similar, the website says 525 watts at 4 ohms but does not saying anything about what the driver is running. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on these???
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    svs looks cool and i have herd alot of raiving revews but if you have some tools and a little know how you can buld a clone of a svs for cheap even if you have to buy a tool you can sill come out ahead i wish i had more time so i can finish my sub and sell my velo

    usaly subs are 4 ohm but you can get 8 or 2 i know in car subs you can
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    The nominal impedance of the SVS ISD and Plus woofers is 4 ohms (courtesy Tom V @ SVS).

    Speaker impedance is inherently a dynamic function and no speaker (especially woofs) will ever have a static impedance at all frequencies and driver loads.

    Rest assured, the Indigo BASH amps used by SVS are state-of-the-art powerhouses perfectly matched to the impedance and driver characteristics of the ISD and Plus woofs.

    They make rated power and then some and thousands of man hours of R&D went into making sure these amps are perfect for SVS. As the proud new owner of a 20-39PC+, I can assure you 100% that this company and its products are the REAL DEAL. This sub is clean, DEEP, tight, musical, and BRUTALLY powerful.

    If you want to learn more about these amps, go to Indigo's website. They are located across the border in Canada.

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