LSi15 Makes Top 25

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The august/september issue of The Absolute Sound picks the best loudsspeakers under $2500, the LSi15's made it in their class 3 out of 5 - 1 being the absolute best - 3 being a product that will "bring you closest to the absolute sound when price is of a greater concern."

Just thought y'all might like to know.
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    What ranked above them?
    Two Channel Main
    Receiver - VSX-54TX
    Mains - Csi40's
    Sub - Spiked Velodyne Cht-8 On Spiked Landscaping Stones

    "If you could put speakers in a needle, I'd never see him again..." - My Girlfriend
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    --== Class One ==--
    Harbeth HL Compact 7 ES-2
    Infinity Intermezzo
    Martin Logan - Scenario "best buy"
    Spendor SP-1/2 "best buy"
    Thiel CS 1.6 "best buy"

    --== Class Two ==--
    Aerial Acoustics Model 5
    Audio Physic Yara
    Magnepan MG 1.6 (been reviewed on this site) "best buy"
    Sonus Faber Concerto
    Vandersteen 2CE
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