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Just received some RTE35's in the mail sat and was wondering why they say RTE series on the grille plaque? My RT55's don't say anything like that. I don't see any obvious differences except the 35's are light (birch?) and the 55's are black. Any comments/info from the experts?
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    Show us a picture if u can!
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    I'll try to get a photo but the speaks look exactly like the RT55's except the polk plaque not only says polk audio but beneath says RTE series in red (I think).
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    Mabye Ken can shed some light on this?
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    The RTE series was originally intended as an export speaker (hence the "E" designator), the same performance as the "regular" RT55 but with a real wood veneer. A few domestic dealers decided they wanted to be able to offer this version as well. Then the RTi series was introduced incorporating the cabinet changes (replacing both "standard" and "E"), different wood finishes, but still real wood.
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    Thanks Ken and everyone else who replied. Resolving yet another of life's mysteries...
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