clicking from RT1000p when not in use

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hey guys!! Has any owners of any powered towers noticed or heard an occasional clicking from their speakers I.E. I own a pair of RT1000P's and at night when its all quiet on the western front, I can hear the amp cycle even when the reciever isn't on! but usually only from 1 speaker
whats up with that huh?:confused:
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    Thanks for participating in the Forum. The clicking sound, you hear, is the auto on/off operating, indicating the unit is being somehow switched out of standby position. There can be a number of causes of this, I've even heard of closing doors on tightly sealed rooms tripping the standby. But usually something is causing a very slight transient spike to be given to the bass amplifier, which is being interpreted as an audio signal and causes the out on/off circuit to engage. There could be some appliance, in your house, such as a refrigerator compressor, thermostat or anything that places a small transient spike in the AC. This is being picked up somewhere in the audio chain and is given to the speaker's bass amplifier. As to why it's only one, I have no idea, perhaps one amplifier is slightly more sensitive than the other. If you feel it is enough of a problem, please contact me and I can arrange for an exchange of bass amplifiers. You may reach me at 1-800-377-7655 extension 891 or [email protected].
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    they click....all the time......close the doors,have your kids stamp around the house,use a hammer on anything.....they just want attention..........even if you used to use them in a bi wire configuration.
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    O.K. I'll go for that. Seems like a rational explanation. It's not really audible unless you know what it is. At least I know it's working properly!! Thanks for the replies
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    I get the same thing from my sub-woofer, I have it set to the sensitive setting and it turns on sometimes when the RT1000s are
    playing. I have it connected so it works when I play a DVD-Audio disc or a movie. I don't need it for music the RT subs are enough.
    nothing to worry about though.
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    Wouldn't an AC line conditioner help with this problem? Seriously, as much as some of you guys spend on your equipment, I'm surprised (unless you just don't talk about it) that you aren't running everything through something that not just protects against surges, but also cleans up the power and filters out some of the stuff like spikes from a refrigerator turning on.

    Also, just an aside.. if both powered speakers are plugged right into the wall, they could easily be plugged into different circuit loops, meaning that only one of them is getting the spike from the air conditioner or frig or whatever.

    I don't know why kids jumping around would spike the AC...
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    I have the Monster Power "Home Theatre Reference Power Center" HTS5000mkII . The sub has a sensitivity setting switch to
    adjust for this. I have it set to high. It doesn't bother me when it
    turns on. My comment was just to let gare5150 know it happens
    and it's nothing to be concerned about. Like Mantis said it doesn't
    have to be electrical. Seems like sound waves that travel through the air can trigger them also.
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