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Hi All,

I apologize if this is a really basic question but how does one determine what is an acceptable watts per channel for speakers ?

The RM7600's are rated 50-150 w and my H/K 520 amp is 75 w / channel. Is 75 w / channel enough for these speakers ? Would it sound a lot better if I returned the amp and got an amp that was 110 w per channel ? Or wouldn't it make too much difference ?

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    No much difference......a little....not much...:)
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    Grand's Law of Power states, "Harness the energy of the universe exploding, and then add a couple hundred watts. A man cannot have too much power."

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    cheap amp...non cheap amp

    100 wat speakers...u can buy a 100 wat receiver...dont mean ur gonna get 100 wats out of that receiver..distortion and freq. response and headroom come in...

    I DONT NO THIS AS A FACT...thats my guess...lol
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    If you have to ask if you have enough, you don't have enough. :D
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    I would say the H/K 520 is adequate, but if you got the green to go bigger, hey why not? :)
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    Well, after experimenting some more today, I found that the type of source material drastically effects the output. For example, while watching Lord Of The Rings or listening to club music, the system really sounds loud and quite awesome at - 30 db or - 25 db. In fact during fight scenes I have to turn it down. If I switch to classical music on a CD with piano and orchestra, I have to put the volume at -15 db to get the same level of sound. Here, I was thinking my amp may not have enough watts, but it's the type of music ! It seems that some of my CDs are mastered at a much lower level or something.
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    source can definitely matter. don't listen to cassettes much anymore, but when I do, i have to up the vol.
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    Your HK has a high current amp so you should be all right. But my personal taste is to match the amp power as close to the max power rating of the speaker. Not so much for loud listening levels,
    but for the clairity at lower listening levels. The additional power of my Carver TFM 35x has my RT 1000s singing. I haven't even had the meters moving 1/3 yet. The Carver doesn't even get warm.
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    another George Grand analogy that I like is that of a 4cyl engine and an 8cyl engine. The 4 cylinders will do the job but the 8 cylinder motor will do the job under less stress with power to spare when needed.

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    I'm 95% sure my next amp will either be a 30w/ch AMC or atleast 250w/ch Carver. The hard part is deciding what speakers to get first.

    You should be fine. I'd do my best to use the internal amp on your sub though.
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    but you can get a 4 banget that has the same out put of a big v 8 just all some nos and a big turbo
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    But, that hotrod 4 still won't have the torque of the 8 and when you're getting off the line or out of a corner the 8 will eat the 4 every time.
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    The V8 will last more than a year too....
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