AMR90 and Sound Blaster Live!

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I have just hooked an AMR90 to my Sound Blaster Live! card using both outputs on the card. I now have to turn all volumns up full to hear the audio at a comfortable level. I had two sets of Harman Kardon speakers hooked up before and had VERY loud sound. Any ideas on what is going on?
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    Hello Mike,
    I Assume you have the SoundBlaster set up on your computer.............There are several sound level controls on your computer even after putting the Sound Blaster software in your computer, sounds like you will have to go into the control panel to access all the controls and experiment with volume levels, even on the old soundcard settings.
    Hopefully this will help out. Let us know.
    Peace, StuffMD
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    Thanks for using the Forum. There are some adjustments that we can help with on the control files and speaker set up. Give us a call at 1-800-377-7655 and I'm sure we can get things working correctly.
    Regards, Ken Swauger
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