PSW300 Subwoofer

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Selling: PSW 300 Subwoofer. Real Wood Finish (4 out of 6 sides). 10 inch woofer. 125WPC Amp. Power Port & High Velocity Compression Drive. Dynamic Balanced Drivers. Same driver used as in the SRT System. NO BOOMYNESS COMES FROM THIS SUB !!! Sound is musical.
(Make sure you use a good cable on ANY speaker or sub to get the most out of it !!!)

Some light surface scratches on top that are not visibile unless inspecting. Veneer is peeling on front top and sides, and back top. Can be reglued with hot glue gun or carpenters glue. Only reason for sale: Upgraded to an SVS Galaxy Destroyer Sub.

Cosmetic Condition: 6 to 6.5 out of 10
Sub Sound Condition: Perfect 10 !!!

I will try to upload pics later on, but email me just in case for additonal images which may not be uploaded due to size.

Asking Price: $200 + 50 shipping. Local Pickup Welcome !
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    :D SVS Galaxy Destroyer...LMAO
    Monitor 7b's front
    Monitor 4's surround
    Frankinpolk Center (2 mw6503's with peerless tweeter)
    M10's back surround
    Hafler-200 driving patio Daytons
    Tempest-X 15" DIY sub w/ Rythmik 350A plate amp
    Dayton 12" DVC w/ Rythmik 350a plate amp
    Harman/Kardon AVR-635
    Oppo 981hd
    Denon upconvert DVD player
    Jennings Research (vintage and rare)
    Mit RPTV WS-55513
    Tosh HD-XA1
    B&K AV5000

    Dont BAN me Bro!!!!:eek:
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    I call it, the neighbors shepherd they shall not want... or simply put, the neighbors best friend.
  • DiscoMikeDiscoMike Registered User Posts: 114
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