SDA imaging; optical vs. analog out?

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A couple of months ago I got a pair of Polk SDA 2's.
I've loved the sound of these speakers but was not
getting great imaging from them. I had great imaging
speaker to speaker but not outside and not 3-d.
I use them in a HT setup so I was playing my cd's
on a dvd player. I have an Onkyo dvd player with
burr brown dacs and nice specs so I figured it would
be a good cd player. Wrong! Yesterday I got an Onkyo
cd player and immediately noticed much better imaging
in 3 -d and outside the speakers. I was amazed, I listened
to a couple of cd's in the cd player and then in the dvd
player and imaging was always better from the cd
player. Any theories as to why? One more question,
what are your opinions of using the optical output
of a cd player vs. the analog? I've read some people
say the optical is more dynamic while the analog
would be warmer. Wonder which works best for
SDA? I've also read that some people use the optical
and the analog.
Any info is appreciated.
Fronts: SDA1C's
Rears: SDA2's
Sub: PSW505
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    I think it bulls down to what unit has the better DAC's.....If your receiver has the best use the optical. If the CD/DVD has the better, use the anolog.....IMO
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